The PlayStation®3 Bookmarklet

The PS3 Bookmarklet, which I introduced back in June of 2010, allows you to watch videos on in "High Quality" (360p) and with stereo sound, instead of the low-res standard quality (240p), with mono sound.


How does it work? As with all "bookmarklet's", the PS3 Bookmarklet is a special type of bookmark (written in JavaScript with a C# back end), which interacts with the current web page, instead of taking you to a different web page.

The bookmarklet also allows you to watch videos on some other popular sites, where video playback is not normally possible (due to them requiring a more recent version of Adobe Flash or HTML 5 video):


NOTE: video playback on is only for "past broadcast" videos, which you can see demonstrated in the old companion video (see below). You must now turn JavaScript off (press and select Tools, JavaScript, Off from the menu) before loading Twitch pages (to avoid crash) and then turn JavaScript back on for the bookmarklet.

For "non-partner" channels, where the videos are only available in the original broadcast quality, some videos may be un-watchable because the video bit-rate is too high for the PS3 browser to handle (this is now hopefully alleviated, to a degree, with the added support for the old browser, which has superior Flash performance).

NOTE: On some Vimeo pages, such as Channels page, pressing left / right on the D-Pad loads the previous / next page of results. To restore standard PS3 browser navigation (mouse cursor jumps to element (thumbnail etc) in direction pushed), use bookmarklet on these pages too (or turn JavaScript off).

On most sites (except for Twitch) you can also download a PS3 compatible (MP4) version of the videos, often in high definition (720p, or 1080p, where available). The current WebKit based browser (introduced in February 2012), is not capable of playing videos in high-def.

On YouTube, you can also enjoy a novel way to experience your Subscription videos, in the style of the PS3's Cross Media Bar (XMB - below, left)! As videos are dynamically loaded and quickly displayed in a popup video area (below, right), you can zip through your subs videos in no time. As seen in the screenshots below (I'm a diehard Star Trek fan), you can specify a background wallpaper image (using the Settings area). The "Recommended Channels" are added to the XMB and allow you to optionally load the videos for these channels, subscribe to a channel or dismiss a channel.

XMB Video

Other main features:

How much is all this goodness going to set you back (with service virtually guaranteed until September 2016, when my (shared) server expires)? Only $5, for those living in the America's (U.S. etc) or £5 for those living in Europe (UK etc), for each PS3 / user. This is based on the couple thousand hours I've devoted to the bookmarklet and the cost of hosting the service (I'm around $300 in the hole).

Payment is in the form of an Amazon Gift Voucher, which you should send via, for the America's, and for Europe, to In the voucher's message, please specify your PlayStation Network (PSN) User Id and once I've deposited the voucher, I'll message you with your licensed bookmarklet address.

Daniel B· 2015.

As you are not presently using the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser, the following instructions are provided for information only (a dummy address is specified for the "Copy my address" link).

  1. With the cursor on the copy my address link, press the  button and select "Copy Address of This Link" from the File menu.
  2. Bookmark this page and delete " (Home)" from the end of the bookmark title (to edit bookmark, press  and select "Edit" from the menu).
  3. Replace the bookmark address with the one you saved to the clipboard in step 1 (once you've deleted the existing address, use the Paste button, in the bottom right corner of the text entry dialog).
  4. Save the changes, by clicking the Edit screen's OK button.

To replace the demo bookmarklet address, with the licensed address, which you received in the PSN message (from me, Tribble6), follow these steps:

  1. Copy the licensed address to the clipboard, by displaying the PSN message and moving down to the actual message and pressing  or Enter, twice, to initiate copy. Then use the left stick or the D-Pad to highlight the address, up to and including "javascript:". Finally, press  or Enter to copy the address and press to exit the message.
  2. Back to the browser, press SELECT to display your list of bookmarks and then move down to the PS3 Bookmarklet and press  and select "Edit" from the menu.
  3. Replace the address with the one you saved to the clipboard in step 1 (once you've deleted the existing address, use the Paste button, in the bottom right corner of the text entry dialog).

    TIP: to delete the entire existing address, once you've displayed the text entry dialog for the Address field, press the  and L1 buttons together.
  4. Save the changes, by clicking the Edit screen's OK button.

Setup notes:

Usage notes:

If you would like to contact me regarding the bookmarklet, please feel free to send me a PSN (Tribble6) message or you can contact me via YouTube (danny8bit) by leaving a comment on one of my videos or by sending me a private message.


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