The PlayStation®3 Bookmarklet

On February 7th, 2012 Sony released Firmware Update 4.10 for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console, which replaced the "long in the tooth" NetFront Internet Browser with a brand new browser, which is based on the popular WebKit layout engine (also powers the Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers).

So, as far as YouTube is concerned, how does the new browser measure up? Well, almost without exception, every page on YouTube displays and operates perfectly, just like your computer browser, which means you can use all of the features, such as the Playlist Bar. The browser does have some "teething" problems, such as missing images on the Charts pages and navigating with the excellent PS3 remote has become painfully slow on some pages (both these issues were later resolved in subsequent Firmware updates).

Does The PlayStation®3 Bookmarklet still have a role to play (first released on June 18th, 2010)? Indeed! Now, with version 2.1 of the YouTube plugin for the PS3 Bookmarklet, you have the option to stream YouTube videos in DVD resolution (480p) or better with stereo sound, on the actual YouTube video page! YouTube itself still restricts video playback to a pixelated 240p with mono sound...

To allow you to quickly switch to "Full screen" mode on the YouTube video page, you can cursor to a dummy link (using D-Pad), positioned over the video player's "Full screen" button and press  or Enter (to ensure this works every time, wait until the video starts playing, before pressing down on the D-Pad). This preserves the standard video player functionality, where you can toggle playback of the video by clicking it, including re-playing a video, when it gets to the end.

How does it work? As with all "bookmarklet's", the PS3 Bookmarklet is a special type of bookmark (written in JavaScript with C# back end), which interacts with the current web page, instead of taking you to a different web page. Now, in version 2.1, the very first time you click a video link (having loaded the bookmarklet), you are presented with the following prompt:

Choose where to load video:

On PS3YouTube, in separate window
On YouTube, in separate window *
On YouTube, in current window *

Auto-select choice

* Now streaming in up to 720p!

You will note that by default the second option is selected, which is now the recommended choice and will automatically take you to a separate YouTube video window. You would then use the bookmarklet on the video page and after you've watched the video, close the window by pressing L3 and then and select "Close Window" from the menu.

You will also note the new "Auto-select choice" feature (added in version 2.1), which when enabled will bypass the prompt and automatically load the video in the chosen destination. You can change the prompt settings by re-clicking a video link (in original window).

For full details of the features in the PS3 Bookmarklet and the revision history, check out the Features page (click link at top right of page). Here are the highlights for the YouTube plugin:

In addition to YouTube, the PS3 Bookmarklet also enhances Wikipedia, for the ideal viewing experience on your TV (with large pictures and a "Find text" feature).

In December 2012, added support for Twitch and "past broadcast" videos, which you can see demonstrated in the companion video (see below). NOTE: for "non-partner" channels, where the videos are only available in the original broadcast quality, some video may be un-watchable because the video quality is too high for the PS3 browser to handle.

In March 2013, added support for NeoGAF (with full screen display and large pictures), you just need to remember to turn JavaScript off (press and select Tools, JavaScript, Off from menu) before loading a GAF page and then turn JavaScript back on for the bookmarklet (without turning JavaScript off, GAF loads "mobile" version of page). NOTE: on the thread list pages, with JavaScript off, clicking a thread link will load the thread in a new window, which you'll find is the ideal window arrangement.

In April 2013, added support for video pages and with the July 2013 update, you no longer need to turn off JavaScript to use the Dailymotion plugin.

Just in time for Fall 2013, added support for videos. On some Vimeo pages, such as Channels page, pressing left / right on the D-Pad loads the previous / next page of results. To restore standard PS3 browser navigation (mouse cursor jumps to element (thumbnail etc) in direction pushed), use bookmarklet on these pages too (or turn JavaScript off).

Daniel B· 2013.

As you are not presently using the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser, the following instructions are provided for information only (a dummy address is specified for the "Copy my address" link).

  1. With the cursor on the copy my address link, press the  button and select "Copy Address of This Link" from the File menu.
  2. Bookmark this page and delete " (Home)" from the end of the bookmark title (to edit bookmark, press  and select "Edit" from the menu).
  3. Replace the bookmark address with the one you saved to the clipboard in step 1 (once you've deleted the existing address, use the Paste button, in the bottom right corner of the text entry dialog).
  4. Save the changes, by clicking the Edit screen's OK button.

Setup notes:

Usage notes:

If you would like to contact me regarding the bookmarklet, please feel free to send me a PSN (Tribble6) message or you can contact me via YouTube (danny8bit) by leaving a comment on one of my videos or by sending me a private message.


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